Apprentice Electrician CV

An apprentice by definition is an individual who works under the direction of or assists an expert in a trade to learn from them. Just like that, an apprentice electrician works assisting an expert/ professional electrician to gain experience and expertise to progress as a professional electrician himself/ herself. An apprentice electrician CV is a document that provides complete details about the candidate with respect to their skills, education and experience. A sample of apprentice electrician CV is given below for reference.

Sample Apprentice Electrician CV

Mr. James Mathews


I wish to work as an apprentice electrician in a company where I can make best use of my skill sets and learn from my seniors.

Personal Details

Personal Contact Address: 325/45 Parson Street, Hale View, North Minnesota,  USA.

Contact No.: 64235347

Alternative Contact No.: 65643242

Email Address:

Fax No.: 325-111-235

Educational Qualifications

  • Completed in 2009 : High School Diploma , St. Patrick & Harmon Cathedral High School, North Minnesota, USA.[Courses- Mathematics, electrical sciences, chemistry, physics]
  • 2009- 2010 : Diploma in Electrical Works and Electrical Engineering , Morison Crawford Institute for Sciences, Minnesota, USA.

Previous Experiences

  • 2010- 2011 : Trainee Electrician, E & T Department,  Heyward Electrical Services Ltd. Worked as a part of the team and supplied the required electrical and technical issues assistance to the clients and the parent company. Managed and installed a number of building electrical plans projects. Have also been a part of and headed a few electrical security system installation projects.
  • 2011- 2012 : Junior Electrician, E&T Department, Heyward Electrical Services Ltd.


Mr. Billy James
Head of the Department
Electrical & Technical Department
Head Office
Heyward Electrical Services Ltd.
Contact No.: 35684534

Mrs. Jennifer Low
Manager, E&T Department
Heyward Electrical Services Ltd.
Contact No.: 54722312

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