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Chief technical officer is appointed in huge technical organization to establish company’s mission and vision by implementing ethical programmable policies. A chief technical officer is answerable to the company CEO.  This resume of chief technical officer can also be used while applying as chief technical advisor officer, chief technical consultant officer and a senior chief technical officer.

Sample Technical Writer CV

Able Adler

2345 St- 27,



Mobile No: (733) – 456 789

Career Objective: To flourish as a leader in corporate business with years of experience blended with excellent communication skills which enable me transiting technical plans to practical designs resulting in building of growth oriented organization.

Professional Experience:

  • 1999- 2004: Ohio Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd

I was designated as Assistant Chief Technical Officer with Ohio telecommunications.

  • 2004- September 2010: Mario Entertainers & Pictures Grope of Companies:

I served as Chief Technical Officer with this firm.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Information Technology from Dutch Island College of Information Technology, Greece 1991- 1993.
  • Masters in Computer Science from Dusseldorf University, Greece in 1993- 1995.
  • Masters in Business Administration from in NIIT, Canada in 1995-1997.
  • Certifications in System Management and Software Technology from DCCI University, Greece in 1997- 1998.


  • Founder of storage Architecture with Flash Memory used for small organizations.
  • Suggested revolutionary solutions for web designing services in Mario Entertainers.


  • I write my blog with variety of articles and latest news flashed worldwide.
  • Software development.


The references will be provided on request.

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