Electronic Equipment Repairer CV

An electronic equipment repairer is a person who can easily acclimatize with new electronic gadgets and is very adept at fixing them in case of malfunctioning. The CV should be prepared in such a way that electronic companies are easily impressed by the candidate’s proficiency at handling any kind of technical work.

Sample Electronic Equipment Repairer CV


Personal information:

Name: Falt Beckinson

Address: Hartford Lake, Becton City.

Contact number: 5629460

Email Address: faltb@gmail.com

Career objective:

An electronic equipment repairer looking for a superior level post that would allow me to use my dexterous and abstract skills in electronic machine repairing through minimal use of resources so that both company achieves its goal efficiently and customer feels satisfied. It would also give me an opportunity to make machine demonstrations besides machine repairing for maximum utilization of my skills.

Educational Background:


2006: Masters in Technical Engineering, University of Glassgow

2007: Training in Electronic equipment repairing, Institute of Technical Knowledge

Professional Experiences:

2008 to 2009: Assistant Machine Repairer at Gordon Electronics

2009 to 2010: Gadget Repairer at Bowman Electronic Company

Area of specialization:

Hardware construction

Voltage testing

LCD monitors repairing

Metal replacement

Workshops and programs attended:

Hudson Technical Workshop

Lyman Repairing Workshop

Awards and certificates achieved:


St Joseph Excellence Award

Besting Best Electronic Company Award

Responsibilities shouldered as a superior repairman:

Keep a tab on the records of the repairing orders

Coordinate team members for completion of a repairing project

Replace non-working parts with new parts

Hardware reconstruction if there is an overall failure of machine

Properly facilitates and lubricates machines for the movement of worn out parts

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