Industrial Electrician CV

The job of an industrial electrician is very technical. They have to take care of all the electrical/electronic problems in the equipment, wiring and switches of the location they are working on. The locations that these individuals mostly work on include factories, manufacturing plants and independent contractors etc. An industrial electrician CV is a document that presents the skill sets, qualifications and experience of the candidate in an impressive manner. A sample of such CV is given below for reference.

Sample Industrial Electrician CV

Mr. Heather Logan

Personal Details

Address: 36/547, Park- dale Avenue, Wisconsin, USA
Contact No.: 67534523
Email Address:
Fathers Name: Mr. James Logan

Educational Qualifications

  • 2005 (year of completion of the diploma)  High School Diploma Mason Missionary High School, James Town, Wisconsin, USA. [Courses- Mathematics, electrical sciences, chemistry, physics]
  • 2005- 2006  Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Management, Martha Community College, James Town, Wisconsin, USA

Previous Work Affiliations/ Trainings

  • 2006- 2007 : Junior Electrician (under training), General Electronic Services, James Town, Wisconsin. Trained under the best electricians and gained the knowledge in varied segments by assisting on the job.
  • 2007- 2012 : Electrician Apprentice, Howard Electrical Services Ltd.,Wisconsin, USA. Learned from professionals and experts, gaining all the required expertise in the sector. Initially assisted and then headed/ managed many projects.
  • 2012- 2013: Senior Electrician, Mason Medoc Electrical Crew,Wisconsin, USA.


  • Trained to read blueprints, wiring diagrams and other industrial electrical data.
  • Ability to easily handle all the electrical and electronic components/ equipments.
  • Great organisation, managerial and planning skills.
  • A keen sense of observation with an eye for detail.


Mr. Larry Lawson
Howard Electrical Services Ltd.
Contact No.: 67843253

Mr. James Carter
Howard Electrical Services Ltd.
Contact No.: 63963341

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