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Mechanics is a completely practical field. Employers will always prefer to recruit individuals with experience. If you do not have formal work experience you should include internship periods or related part time experience. Inclusion of projects and other work experience demonstrates to the employer your ability to work as an individual and with minimal supervision.

Specialization in specific areas of mechanics or specific knowledge and experience is an added advantage e.g. specific experience in engine repair of certain car models and cars from specific car manufacturers, specialization in body work, interiors and electronics. Specialization is especially important when applying to a large firm such e.g. a car manufacturing firm or servicing garage. Shown below is CV sample for a mechanic. This is meant to help you understand the major things that recruiters look out for when hiring. All the best in your job search.

Sample Mechanic CV

Michael Mackenzie

343 Body Work Street

Place, State

Telephone No: 23 2433 43

Mobile No: 434 54 343


Career Objective:

Fully qualified and experienced auto mechanic seeking employment in a car manufacturing firm. Has extensive knowledge of and experience with Subaru Car engines as well as Toyota Car engines. Willing to use skills in electronics and wiring as well as analytical and problem solving skills for the advancement of the manufacturing firm. The position should allow the advancement to position as foreman in the firm.

Educational Background:

Diploma in Automotive Mechanics- Oryx University- 2004 – 2006

Certificate in Electronics- The Polytechnic- 2000 – 2001

Professional Background:

2006 – 2007:   Mechanic at Subaru Car Garage


• Serviced Subaru car engine repairs

• Replaced Subaru engine parts

• Repaired wiring

• Spray painted car bodies

• Inspected vehicles for car owners and buyers

2001 – 2003:   Electrician at Hobbs Electronics


• Designed electric layout of buildings including privately owned homes and office buildings

• Installed electronic equipment including heavy duty industrial electronic equipment and large home electric appliances

• Installed wiring in buildings including privately owned homes and office buildings

• Purchased electronic wires and equipment


• Chairperson (2005 – 2006) of the Mechatronics Club at the Oryx University

• Secretary of the Subaru Workers Union

• Winner of the university Games Cross Country in 2005

• Athletics Club Chairperson at the Oryx University between 2005 and 2006


• Martial arts

• Athletics

• Listening to  music

• Reading car related magazines and other publications

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