Nuclear Power Reactor Operator CV

A nuclear power reactor operator CV is needed for professionals who have pursued education in nuclear power engineering and want to become an effective and successful nuclear power reactor operator. The function of a nuclear power reactor operator is to maintain the effective operations of the nuclear power plant machines by undertaking regular maintenance and repair. The resume should highlight all the relevant skills and qualifications of the candidate so that employers can consider the candidature of the applicant.

Sample Nuclear Power Reactor Operator CV

George Sunny

Leader’s Colony, New Mexico

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:

Career Objective:

To work in a competitive work atmosphere with excellent learning and development opportunities where there are opportunities to contribute in a fair and transparent manner. There should be enough avenues in the organization to grow and become a well rounded personality.

Educational Background:

2006-2009: Masters in Nuclear Engineering

2003-2006: Graduate in Management of Engineering and Technology

Professional Experience:

2009: Nuclear Power Rector Assistant, Metallica Pvt. Ltd.


Worked in various locations of Metallica’s nuclear reactors plants and have been able to manage the efficiency of the machines

Managed to reduce the large scale shutdowns of the plants to a significant extent due to good maintenance and periodic repair

Due to reduced costs in large scale maintenance, we could achieve large scale cost reduction and improved scale of operations


One of the highest scoring students in the university

Received the best student aware from my school

Got the best employee award in the department of nuclear technology for maximising efficiency and reducing costs

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