Piano Technician CV

A piano technician must be able to identify the faults which produce a dissonant strain in the melodious music of a piano. He must be qualified about the instrument as well as be nimble fingered.  A piano technician’s CV must outline all his accomplishments and his professional life. It must be detailed and comprehensive yet should have a professional approach.

Sample Piano Technician CV

Sarah Gomes

154 Bristol Avenue


Mobile Number: 737376253


Career Objective:

Hoping to secure a position in an outlet of a reputed instruments chain. I want to lend my expertise in tuning and maintenance, and restoring to a damaged or worn out instrument, the dignity and quality it is capable of attaining.

Educational Background:

2005: A degree in engineering from the reputed University of Durham.

2007: A second Master’s degree in Music in Piano from Trinity Hall.

2009: A diploma in Instrument Care from the Royal Musical Society.

Professional Qualifications:

  • I have above average playing skills as far as the piano is concerned.
  • I have spent 5 years working as an assistant trainee in a reputed music store off Mayfair Road [References will be sent only is asked]
  • I have excellent communication skills and can explain the work that has to be done to customers in simple terms for their understanding.

Professional Experience:

  • 2010-2011: Chief piano technician in Melody, a music store in Belgravia.


  • Tuning of pianos sent to the shop. These included some of the best and most complicated instruments ever made.
  • Performance of home visits and site inspections for the maintenance of grand pianos.

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