Quality Control Technician CV

The enormous responsibility of a quality control technician is to ensure that standards of quality are not compromised with. All companies, organizations and service agencies offer products of a certain standard and a quality control technician is entrusted with the job of maintaining such standards. Thus a quality control technician’s CV must highlight his expertise if this area.

Sample Quality Control Technician CV:

Martha Robinson

12B Mapleton Avenue

New York-67

Telephone number: 4765646777

Email address: martharob@ymail.com

Career Objective:

To become a quality control technician at a reputed firm and be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining quality standards for customer satisfaction and professional ethics.

Educational Background:

2000: Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering with distinction, University of Nashville.

2002: Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering with distinction, same institution.

2003-2004: Received fellowship of Imperial College London for research in industrial waste management.

I am also a professional 6-sigma expert.

Professional Qualification:

  • I have an excellent grasp of my subject and can easily adapt myself to an industrial work environment.
  • I have strong professional ethics and a clear idea of the enormity of my position as quality control technician
  • I have excellent managerial and clerical skills as well and can organize and maintain records

Professional Experience:

2006-Present: Working as an assistant quality control technician at Natural Mineral Water.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the standard testing procedures of the organization were carefully followed.
  • Taking note of discrepancies and acting on them.
  • Taking customer feedback and incorporating that into our annual meetings.

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