Shop Avionics Technician CV

The CV of a shop avionics technician should contain all essential features like career goals and aspirations, personal and professional background, achievements in school, college, university, and corporate life. The major responsibility of a shop avionics technician is the maintenance and repair of aircraft equipments by conducting periodic repair work on it and most importantly before the take off of the aircraft. This is a very specialised field and therefore the CV should highlight that the candidate is well suited to undertake the job.

Sample Shop Avionics Technician CV

John Graham

Hall Street, New York

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:


Career Objective:

My career objective is to work as a shop avionics technician in a major aircraft company and contribute to the maximum extent possible. I would also like to develop my skills in this field to go higher up the career ladder.

Educational Background:

2006-2009: Diploma in Auto Repair Technician

2003-2006: Graduation in Diesel Mechanics and Heavy Truck Maintenance

Professional Experience:

2009: Shop Avionics Technician, Aerosole Pvt. Ltd.


Worked in the aircraft maintenance and repair and specialised in cockpit maintenance management

Done the regular tracking, temporary shutdown for undertaking maintenance and testing so that engine, cockpit and other parts of the aircraft function as per what is expected

Won accolades for identifying and repairing crucial weaknesses in the aircraft to avoid any major damage or loss


Received accolades as the safest employee in my business unit for having delivered the least number of flaws in repair and maintenance of aircrafts

One of the best performing students throughout the academic career

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