Technical Analyst CV

A technical analyst CV is a document portraying the credentials of a technical analyst whose work is to analyse and examine the various technical decisions taken by a department of a company pertaining to machines and instruments. Therefore it must clearly mention the areas mastered by the applicant for maximum efficiency.


Sample Technical Analyst CV


Personal data:

Name: Solomon Walt

Civil Address: Edinburgh Street

Building number 36, Floor number 12

Flat number 5

Residence number: 25392790

Cell phone number: 624197695

Email Address:

Career aspiration:

A technical analyst wanting to work with a company of high ranking and reputation which would pave the way for me to achieve my ambitions as a technical analyst. I want to use my creative and problem solving skills to assess and criticise the technical decisions taken up by the company and come out with my expert ideas for the complete growth and development of the company.


Educational standing:


2006: BSc in Technical Assessment from High End University

2007: MSc in Technical Assessment from Jubilee Scholastic University

Reward achieved:

Award: Critique of the Year 2005

Conferred by: Garrison School of Sciences

Year: 2005

Reason: Excellent analytical power and thinking ability

Professional credibility:

January 2008 to February 2009: Head Technical Analyst with Boston Ship Parts

Area of proficiency:

Critical analysis of technical projects

Fault identification of technical parts

Evaluation of technical services and working of equipments

Tasks of a technical analyst:

Review the content of a technological body of work

Illustrate and graphically represent the technical information

Administrate technical teams and working of employees

Examine the technological systems

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