Technical Consultant CV

A technical consultant CV is a resume of a person trained at perceiving technical faults and solving them with his master mind. He is not a hands-on repairman but he has the wit and intelligence to deal with technical and mechanical problems. Thus his CV should lay out his intellect related credentials well.

Sample Technical Consultant CV


Personal minutiae:

Name: Feckinson Broteldome

Address: 34, Ginger House, Jolly Park

Vanessa Apartment

Flat number 10

Landline number: 38372928

Cell phone number: 67017309

Email Address:

Career goal:

A technical consultant seeking a well paying post that would give me an opportunity to showcase my intellectuality for technical works and tasks. I am keen on taking up a technical job whereby I can see my abstract knowledge getting transformed into practical concrete technical works and giving shape to a project with maximum effect.

Educational status:


2006: Bachelors in Technical Engineering

Fructose University

2007: Masters in Technical Consultancy

Fructose University

Special training:

2007: Baltimore Technical Consultancy Training Centre

Professional Credibility:

August 2008 to July 2009: Technical consultant at Destimont Machines

August 2009 to June 2010: Technical Advisor at Ratil Machine Firm

Area of work includes computer based infrastructural consultancy and electronic item management under the following heads:

  • Keyboard detailing
  • Assemblage of parts
  • Hardware data processing
  • Computer peripherals management

Responsibilities as a technical advisor:

Appoint various members for technical tasks

Divide the labour to attain separate motives and establish a whole task

Give proper and adequate advice for successful hardware management

Lay down plans about how to start and from where to start the project



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