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Technical CV is designed by those individuals who wish to obtain a technical job position in any industry or specifically in technical industry. Documenting such a CV is slightly different than any other job resume as it requires accurate mention of a candidate’s technical competencies in specific terminology.  Therefore, while drafting such a CV one must ensure to consider the following points.

  • Resume objective: The objective for acquiring a particular job position in technical field is highly anticipated while documenting an effective CV. This gives a good start and motivates the employer to proceed further. The framed objective of the candidate should be focused and should also depict how the organization could be benefitted through it.
  • Terminology: Terminology is one of the important factors to be considered while formulating a technical CV. The exact details of the specific technical trainings and the field of competency of the candidate must be elucidated properly so that it becomes the authority to determine the candidate’s expertise in technical field.
  • Presentation: All the important qualities, skills, certification, job experiences and trainings of the candidate should be listed by making separate sections of each so that it becomes effective in giving an organized look to the technical CV.

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