Technical CV Format

A technical CV format can be used to describe the format of a technical CV. This shows various sections that should be contained in the CV so that it can grab the attention of the employee and find him suitable for the job that the employee deserves to get. Different sections that are listed in the technical CV are career objectives, educational background, professional experience, academic and work achievements, detailed responsibilities, etc.

Sample Technical CV Format

(Write the full name)

(Write the address)

(Give the mobile number)

(Mention the e-mail address)


(First paragraph): This should describe the career objectives of the individual. The career objectives of the technical professional should include the near term and long term goals of the individual and the intent to contribute to the positive growth of the organization. The candidate should be willing to learn and use his or her knowledge so as to add value to the firm and be a useful resource that a firm would want to have.

(Second paragraph): This section should include the year wise educational details starting from the most recent one (i.e., the highest qualification) to the school level details.

(Third paragraph): The third paragraph must list the professional experience. The professional experience should list all the companies worked for in the previous years starting from the latest company.

(Fourth paragraph): Fourth paragraph is about the work responsibilities. The responsibilities that should be included here should contain all the major contributions and positions held by the individual in the previous companies. These responsibilities should align with the job role being applied for.

(Fifth paragraph): This is the achievements section. The individual can list all work related and other achievements that were received in educational and professional life. This is important to showcase the major traits the individual possesses.

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