Technical CV Template

A technical CV template can be used for designing a CV or resume for technical professionals. They can be technical professionals from the stream of computers, finance, electronics, etc. A technical professional have specialised knowledge in their field and are also hired for contributing for specialised work in the organization. The CV should highlight all the skills obtained during the education and work experience of the college life and work life respectively. This will help the recruiters to choose the right kind of candidates for their vacancies.

Sample Technical CV Template

_________________ [Write the full name]

_________________ [Write the address]

_________________ [Give the mobile number]

_________________ [mention the e-mail address]

Career Objective:

A technical professional who is ready to play a role that is beneficial for the growth of the company and to develop self skills in the field of _______________ [mention the name of the field the technical person is into]. I am willing to use my knowledge for small or large organization that allows me to take up challenges and deliver them to the best of my abilities.

Educational Background:

__________ [Mention the years]: __________________ [Mention the qualifications in descending order]

Professional Experience:

[Mention the time period] – ____________ [Latest designation], _____________ [Name of the company]


Worked in many localisation reports in ____________ [name of the company]

Used SAP Applications extensively for coding and running reports

Handled a lot of localization reports on my own and won accolades for handling them well

Worked in the Human Resources Department and contributed actively for the development of reports

Possess good working knowledge of reporting and developing reports in Human Resources Applications


Won the best employee award in my division for contributing well in all my assignments

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