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Technical CVscover jobs that involve the provision of technical support and services to the company in question. These kinds ofjobsrequire a great deal of practical experience. They require people who are flexible i.e. you have to be highly independent and possess problem solving skills because problems keep arising that need to be fixed. Such skills should be demonstrated clearly to therecruiterin yourtechnical CV.

Technical jobs come in a wide variety. Some of thejobsone can apply for are technical support, support and maintenance agent, software support and hardware support. To be chosen, your technical CV has to be simple and must stand out. This is because your interviewer has loads of other CVs to look through. So you must have a simple yet effective CV.

As you write yourtechnical CV, there are some keywords you should consider that are associated with technical support. Using these words in the right context gives your soon-to-be employer the idea that you understand the work you are applying for.  Some words you may want to use in this type of CV are maintenance, support, upgrade, checking and installation.

Sample Technical CV Format

Personal Information:

Brian Constance

123 Permanent Drive, Temporary Street

Oregon, Texas

Telephone Number: 123 4556 798

Mobile Number: 698 4895 948

Career Objective:

Qualified and registered electrician seeking position as an electrical maintenance agent. This position should allow the use of maintenance and upgrading skills. Willing to apply skills in attention to detail in the installation, maintenance and upgrade of electrical appliances, switchboards and general wiring.

Educational Qualification:

2003 – 2006 Diploma in Electricity from the Young Men’s Association (YMCA) College in Georgia

Professional Qualification:

2007   Electrical Maintenance License


2007 – 2009 Electrical Maintenance Agent at Burn Soft Ltd


§Installed all major electrical appliances

§Monitored and repaired all electrical appliances

§Installed switches and other wiring components

§Controlled and maintained electrical switchboards

§Upgraded electrical appliances

§Upgraded electrical wiring


Was head of the Electricians association in the YMCA College in Georgia.

Was part of the group that initiated the formation of the Electricians Guild in College that helped fund various projects in the college. More than 20 students have been educated using money from the Guild. More students are being absorbed into the program and the beneficiaries of the fund continue to support this worthy cause. The fund now offers full scholarships for those desiring to study further than diploma level.

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