Technical Director

A technical director is the senior appointment in any technical animation company, arts theatre and film or television studio. This appointment is responsible for taking care of aspects related to company profile; installment of animation keys, technical backgrounds, painting and associated elements. In televisions and films agencies, technical director sets up the camera angles, split screens and overall activities. This resume can also be used while applying as Technical Project Director, Technical H.O.D and Technical Support Director.

Sample Technical Writer CV

Jorge Peterson

Nikitsky Blvrd,

15, Metro,



Mobile No: 933 1111

Career objectives: With tech savvy abilities, artistic quality and firm understanding of visual effects and animation codes, I am seeking excellent work opportunities to deliver quality outcome in field of technical arts.

Professional qualifications:

  • 2002-2006: Piper Lab Animations Pvt. Ltd, Russia:

My career started with this animation lab as an assistant technical director.

  • 2006- September 1st, 201: Murray International Animation Pvt. Ltd.
    I served here as Technical Director & Head of the Department.

Education Qualifications:

  • Graduate in Theatre Arts from the O’Neil Moscow Art Theatre, Russia in 1997- 2000.
  • Post Graduation in Technical Arts from Randolph Academy for performing Arts, Canada in 2000- 2002.

Accolades and Involvements:

Russian Association of theatre Professionals.


  • Gold medalist in Post Graduation.
  • Participated in International Technical Art Exhibition three times.


  • I am fond of serving intermit and preparing new animation designing’s utilizing online software.
  • Good at tennis and writing stories.


References will be provided on request.

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