Technical Sales CV

A technical sales engineer needs to have a basic technical knowledge of selling and persuasive power to do effective marketing of technical products and services.  He must be informed enough to clarify points during the sales process.  Thus a technical sales engineer should produce a CV that details his accomplishments in sales as much as his technical know-how and experience.  This CV will also be relevant for other sales jobs like sales associate, technical sales head and others.

Sample Technical Sales CV

Dave Hamer

161 Wetherby Close, Broadstone

Dorset, BH18 8JB.

Mobile Number:  44 854 894347

Telephone Number:  876543


Job Focus:

Dynamic, innovative sales strategist with adequate technical knowledge and experience, with a thirst for more knowledge looking for a position that poses a challenge to my skills, enabling me to bring out the best in me.  Looking forward to meeting interesting clients and having a growing career.


Soft skills and persuasive powers have added many a new customer for the organizations I have worked with.

Won the Specialty Award for Sales in the state of Dorset for the year 2009.

Understanding customer specifications and suggestions and communicating with employers for improvement on product as per customer requirements.

Provided technical support during quite a few occasions.

Work history:

2008-2010:  Technical sales manager at Madison Electricals and Engineering, Dorset (current employment), looking after the sales and technical support needs of the organization.

2006-2008:  Technical sales assistant at XYZ Auto Parts, Dublin.  Also included individual sales and support, though the post is an assistant.

Educational Qualifications:

2004-2006:  Honours diploma in Business Management and Marketing.

2000-2004:  Diploma in Electronics and Communication.


Provided upon request.


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