Technical Support Engineer CV

A technical support engineer CV will guide you to prepare for an exciting resume to apply for the position of a technical support engineer in any type of organization. The technical support engineer generally provides technical support like debugging, repairing, and resolving technical issues. The candidates should make the resume exhaustive with all technical skills so that the employer can match their requirements with the candidate’s strengths.

Sample Technical Support Engineer CV

Dan Joseph

Silicon City, West Virginia

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:

Career Objective:

Looking to working for an organization that provides the right environment to grow and develop the right kind of skills and attitude so that the work can be delivered in an effective way and to help the organization achieve its goals in the shorter and longer term.

Educational Background:

2006-2009: Diploma in Network and Communications Management

2003-2006: Bachelor’s in Electronics and Computer Technology

Professional Experience:

2009-2010: Networking engineer, Infotech Limited.


Responsible for managing the IT infrastructure in Infotech Limited

Monitored the periodic system requests and made appropriate changes to the system to accept the volume of requests and process them

Worked for the system networking team and proved to be a valuable team member

Demonstrated team leading skills and took responsibilities beyond my scope of work

Delivered the system requests always on time and ensured maximum customer satisfaction

Provided 24*7 support to the development and testing team so that the operations of the company could go on seamlessly without any major hurdles


Was the best performing employee in my team throughout the tenure of work

One of the best students in the college with distinction in all the majors

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