Watch Repairman CV

A watch repairman repairs the watches when any kind of damage occurs to the watch,  the watch needs to be cleaned from within, or it needs to be adjusted for the date and time. A watch repairman may work in an independent store or may be a part of a watch making company. The skills needed to become a good watch repairman are good eye for detail, importance laid to microscopic precisions, and accuracy in work. Prior experience would be an added plus if one wants to apply for the position of a watch repairman. Thus a watch repairman CV must be a combination of the skill sets and the experience of the candidate.

Sample Watch Repairman CV

Personal Details:

Ian Bell

95 Ventura Capital

New Hampshire

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

Telephone Number: 44 6945 79125



Career Objective:

To prove to be a useful resource in the organization working for and contribute my total commitment in the position of a watch repairman

Educational Background:

2004 – 2007: Diploma in Mechanics, Penn Foster Career School

1999 – 2002: Associate Degree in Mechanical Maintenance and Repair, Brown Mackie College

Professional Qualifications:

2007: Certificate, Repair and Welding

Professional Experience:

2002 – 2004 – Watch Repairman Helper, New South Wales Watch Company


  • Detect the issues in different types of watches and correct them
  • Well aware of the parts of a watch and their functions which helps me in troubleshooting the problems with a watch with ease and accuracy
  • Clean, fix, and amend the features of the watch according to the requirements of the customer
  • Work under strict timelines and make our services cost effective to all our customers

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