Aviation Munitions&Ordnance Technician CV

Aviation Munitions Technicians, also known as Ordnance Technicians are trained to handle munitions installation and maintenance in land-based or carrier-borne fighter jets, attack planes, combat helicopters and short to long range bombers.  Apart from actual in-circuit and modular repairs of air-borne weaponry, these technicians perform physical inventory storage and accounting, deployment and breakout, transport of armanentation and armament-handling appliances, air launched missiles, and other conventional non-nuclear munitions.

Aviation Munitions/Ordnance Technician CV Format

Paul F.  Matterson

E. Twiggs, Tampa, Florida

Phone: (772) 435-4887


Career Objective

To work as a Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician for the civilian or military air defense force

Professional Experience


1999 – Present: Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa

  • Receive and process documents for storage of munitions destined for eventual installation in designated aircraft types in the base.
  • Perform required inspections, calibration adjustments and repair of missiles and other projectile weapons systems.
  • Conduct preventive and corrective maintenance on support launch equipment, aircraft gun turrets, multiple bomb racks, targeting systems, and other air borne weapons systems
  • Transport missiles, munitions and explosives using prescribed vehicles.


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed eligibility for high restriction security clearance.
  • Posses normal vision and color perception ability
  • Excellent medical and physical fitness to handle heavy munitions load
  • Excellent comprehension skills to decipher medium to complex instruction with the least supervision



1999 – 2002: In-house training on handling of munitions and explosives as well as emerging new air borne weaponry systems

1997 – 1999: Associate in Electronics, Louisiana Technical College, Tallulah Campus

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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