Cytotechnologist CV

A Cytotechnologist is an individual who examines the presence of any infection or disease by studying the cells makeup with the help of a microscope. A Cytotechnologist is an important job position in research labs, hospitals and universities.  The Cytotechnologist CV must be framed in such a manner so that it emphasizes on the knowledge and experience of the candidate.

Sample Cytotechnologist CV

John Fahey

17th Back Lane, Square Street, New York.

Mb: 998-766-76767


Career Objective:

Seeking to work in a challenging position of a Cytotechnologist where I can use my experience and knowledge of image analysis and cytometry for accurate diagnosis.

Educational Qualifications:

1997- 2000

Bachelors Degree in Science from ABC Medical College, New York

2001- 2004

Masters Degree in Science with major as Cytometry from ABC Medical College, New York


Certificate in Image Analysis and electron microscopy from Advance Science Institute.

Professional Excellence Summary:

  • Good analytical and research capabilities.
  • Thorough knowledge of all the machines used in diagnosis.
  • Complete knowledge of various computer related tools.
  • Knowledge of various procedures like electron microscopy, molecular diagnostic procedure, Cytometry and others.
  • Ready to work for long and at odd hours.
  • Good team worker.

Professional Experience:


Cytotechnologist, Well Being Hospital, New York

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct wide array of tests and prespare the needed reports.
  • Coordinating the junior staff
  • Preparation of microscopic slides for conducting blood tests.
  • Identifying the abnormal conditions in blood cells
  • Assisting radiologist and pathologists in the hospital.


Dr. A.K Anthony

Senior Surgeon

Well Being Hospital, New York.

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