Dental Technician CV

A Dental Technician’s job basically includes producing and polishing dental prosthetics. He receives specific instructions from dentists about the patient’s denture and produces a piece that fits perfectly. His work requires skill, dedication and lots of patience.

Sample Dental Technician CV

Shaun B. Marin

61, Donald Street,

Home: 243-545-7653


Career Objective:

To provide my expertise, coupled with my dedication, to the field of dentistry by performing excelling work as a Dental Technician.

Professional Experience:

The Australian Dental Labs,2008-2009: Worked as a full-time Dental Technician creating all sorts of dental prosthetics including but not limited to full dentures, bridges and crowns.

Dental Technician’s Objectives:

  • To create dental prosthetics that are precise and aesthetically pleasing
  • To produce dental prosthetics as per the instructions of the dentist
  • To  produce dental prosthetics that are in accordance with what the patient demands
  • To produce dental prosthetics out of a variety of materials to ensure the best possible results


  • 2004-2007: BA (Hons.) Dentistry, University of Manchester.
  • 2007-2008: Certificate Course in Dental Technology from University of Manchester.


  • Won Denture Making Competition in college in 2005.


  • Travelling
  • Reading novels

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