Dialysis Technician CV

Dialysis is the treatment for the patients whose kidneys stopped functioning and they needs to purify their blood with an external source. So the Dialysis Technician has to work with patients with very serious  diesis. The Dialysis Technician must know all functioning about dialysis machine and he must know how to operate the machine without fault because it is a matter of some one’s life.

Sample Dialysis Technician CV Format

Ducy Falcon

40th Avenue Street




Mobile No: +5 343 33 322

Telephone No: +7 42 323 2 32 2

Career Objective: To save someone’s life with my operation skills at least painful way and service sick people by giving services as Dialysis Technician.

Professional Experience:

St. Mary Dialysis Center, Hull, 2007-2009: I have served a number of people on daily basis by providing dialysis services. I know the problems and troubles the patient faces during dialysis. I discussed all the things that would help them while dialysis.

Dialysis Technician Objectives:

  • To effectively operate Dialysis Machines
  • To explain the procedure to the patients and to keep them comfortable
  • To monitor continuously the levels of chemicals in the blood during dialysis
  • To perform post-dialysis procedures effectively


2006-2007: Certificate in Health Care, University of Hull.


Awarded best dialysis technician in my batch during my internship at the Hull College of Health Sciences, Hull.


  • travelling
  • Playing flute.


“Upon request”

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