A Lab technician is responsible for chemical reaction he is carrying out in the lab. He must have strong base of chemistry and a powerful mathematics. He must be capable of making all reactions safely and carry out the task responsibly. Patience, safety and intelligence are the key features of any lab technician.


Marian K. Telbert
1234 Central Street,
Home: 214-545-5655
Cell: 214-545-5456


Looking for a chemical company that can provide me a platform to enhance my knowledge of chemistry and provide me a research environment for development of new products that can add one more step to the journey of success for a company.

Work Experience

Fortune Labs 2006-2009: I have worked as laboratory technician for two years at Fortune Labs. More specifically,

  • I have had a great deal of laboratory experience in chemistry and analytical instruments like G.C,HPLC,KF,UV spectra  and related software  like iris32,  UV probes , chrome card etc and its calibration too.
  • In the lab, I have performed chemical analysis of raw material, intermediates, and finished products.
  • While working in caprolactam plant control laboratory for Fortune Labs, I successfully applied my research skills and worked closely with the samples being studied. I am also monitoring environmental analysis like stack analysis, COD and Safety samples.

Lab Technician objectives:

  • To perform chemical analysis of a product at different stages of manufacturing.
  • To carry out different tests and check whether and harmful chemical is polluting environment or not.
  • To check whether the manufacturing process is following standard procedure or not.
  • To make weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and submit it to higher authorities.

University of Nottingham,
Bachelor of Science in chemistry (June 2005)


  • I am a certified as a technologist by ASCP.


  • Reading journals
  • Technical writing

References: “upon request”

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