Munitions&Ordnance Technician CV

Munitions or Ordnance Technicians can be soldiers or civilians trained to handle land based military weaponry for launchers or installed on armored or attack military vehicles. They also perform guided storage, physical inventory accounting, deployment and breakout, repair and maintenance, and transportation of munitions and explosive, armament-handling appliances, mobile ground-launched missiles, and other ground non-nuclear munitions.

Munitions/Ordnance Technician CV Format

Douglas R. Larsen

Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

Phone: (618) 433-6573

Career Objective

To work as a Munitions/Ordnance Technician for the military or police land combat forces

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Munitions/Ordnance Technician, Military Police Command, Marine Corp Recruit Depot, San Diego

  • Inspect and verify expected shipments of munitions for storage, inventory accounting and reconciliation.
  • Observe work shift hours to ensure optimum productivity
  • Install and  conduct corrective and preventive maintenance on mobile munitions launch equipment, gun turrets and vehicle emplacements, targeting systems, and other air borne weapons systems.
  • Transport and deploy munitions by hand or via vehicles or conveyor to designated locations.
  • Calibrate, adjust and repair gun turrets as well as fixed and mobile ammunition launchers in accordance with military specifications and manufacturer recommendations.


Skills and Qualification

  • Passed eligibility for government security clearance requirements
  • US born citizen with 20/20 visual acuity and color depth perception ability
  • Excellent medical and physical health to meet the demands for handling munitions and explosives



1998 – 2002:  Apprenticeship in munitions handling with the US Marine Corp detachment at Monterrey, California.

1995 – 1998: High School Diploma, San Diego High

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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