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A PC Technician‘s job is to fix personal computers when they get any troubles at hardware or software side. The job required full of interest in computer side and you have to keep yourself updated with latest technology and software. You need to have a deep knowledge of operating systems and computer hardware to become a PC Technician.

Sample PC Technician CV Format

Kenny Morkal

87-88a, Spring Street




Mobile No: +22 4223 46263 6

Telephone No: +756 48574 878

Career Objective:

To get a PC Technician post with a market leader company where I can make exponential growth and fulfill my desire as well as my thirst of being computer expert.

Professional Experience:

Sun Computers, 2007-2009: I have worked as a PC Technician for a computer service provider company that has around 100 daily customers and 30 technicians and they works round the clock. While working with this company I have fixed hundreds of computers and developed myself and my knowledge as computer technician. I have assembled PCs, formatted OS and Fixed complex hardware troubles.

PC Technician Objectives:

  • To answer phone calls of suffering from Malfunctioning PCs.
  • To repair PCs to the best quality that a technician is expected.
  • To explain the customer real problem and total expenses to fix the problem
  • To remove outdated item and update PCs by counseling of client.
  • To use the most efficient tools and software to fix computers.


2005-2007: OCR Diploma, Computer department‎, Lancaster University, Lncaster


Topped highest PCs fixed in one day still my record is not broken at Sun Computers.


  • Making Computer games
  • Playing Chess


“Upon request”

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