Radiology Technician CV

A Radiology Technician’s job is to correct the position of patients so as to produce the best possible x-ray images of patients via removing items like jewelry, watches and such, through which x-ray beams cannot pass.

A Radiology Technician must operate the x-ray machine itself.

Sample Radiology Technician CV

Jaddy M. Morkal
75,Southgate Street,


Home: 214-565-5764

Cell: 214-545-9337

Objective :
To provide high-quality radiologic services to lab and catering to patient needs utilizing my 3 years of work experience.

Work Experience :

2006-2007: London Orthopedic Lab: Worked part-time as a Radiology Technician dealing most of the time with patients’ paper work.

2007-2009: Winchester General Hospital: Worked as General Radiology Technician with innumerable patients and doctors providing high degree of satisfaction .

Radiology Technician’s Objectives:

–  To operate X-Ray machines efficiently.

–  To obtain the best possible images of patients.

–  To protect the patient and himself from X-Ray radiation

–  To guide patients by helping them in removing  unwanted items .

Qualifications :

2002-2005: Bachelor of Science, University of Southampton, Southampton.

2005-2006: Certificate Course from the Radiology Technical Department, UK.

Achievements :

Won Radiology Quiz at University level in 2006.

Hobbies :

  • Reading General Awareness Magazine
  • Web-Browsing

References : “upon request

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