Telecom Sales Manager CV

In today’s age of information technology, telecommunication is gaining a considerable attention. The field

is expanding a lot and hence offers ample working opportunity and growth prospects. It has a bright

career ahead for sales professionals too in the telecom industry.

The sample Telecom Sales Manager CV will be helpful to you if you want to apply for the job in the telecom industry.

Sample Telecom Sales Manager CV Format

Sam Might

120, Lamington Square



Mobile No. +001 686 4289 428

Telephone No. +001 713 973 593

Career Objective: I have a special inclination towards sales and marketing. My aim is to combine my knowledge of telecom and flair of sales to boost up my career graph. I would like to work for a professional organization and add to my experience.

Professional Experience:

2005 – 2010: XYZ Company, Atlanta, Georgia

I have worked here as Key Account Manager. My job profile included procuring sales orders from major accounts of the company. I was also looking the After Sales Service for these accounts.

2001 – 2005: ABC Company, Atlanta, Georgia

I worked as Telecom Sales Engineer. The responsibilities included sales and marketing of telecommunication services.


1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Michigan State University, Michigan

1999 – 2001: Master in Business Management – Colorado State University, Colorado


I have considerably increased the sales of my current organization and also achieved the sales targets. I have also increased the customer base of the company.


  • Travelling
  • Base-ball


I will provide required references on request.

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