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Corporate training usually takes place when businesses and organizations are expanding or realizing growth in their business. In other cases, due to increasing competition in business, companies choose to train their employees so as to maintain and/or attract customers.

Corporate training CVs are useful for job positions in the corporate world such as human resource manager jobs, business manager jobs, company secretary jobs, finance manager jobs, auditor/accountant jobs, etc.

Sample Corporate Training CV Format

Susan Lilly McDonnell

7th Avenue


New York

Mobile No: +1 500 54 67 87 7

Telephone Number: + 1 555 097 6656

Career Objective: To be a successful and resourceful corporate trainer who is able to come up with inventions and innovations of products and services.

Professional Experience:

2006- 2007:  Trained employees at XYZ Company in branding of products and consumer attraction.

Training objectives:

  • Knowledge of the company’s products and ways of expanding the business.
  • Create different brands and advertisements that will attract new customers.
  • Check commodity pricing that will ensure the company realizes its profits and the consumer buys the products.


2000- 2003: Bachelor of Business Administration – New York University, New York, USA

2003-2005: Master’s in Business – Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Participated in the annual Corporate Society meeting in which I was awarded a certificate that honored the activities of those involved in coming up with the advertisement of safe drinking of alcohol and spirits.


  • Shopping
  • Acting


Mr. Owen James Scott

Manager, INT Company

876 Drake Avenue

Beverly Hills

California, USA

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