Field Training CV

Field training is usually implemented by an experienced field training officer who usually belongs to the organization or the company and has received training as a field officer in the same institution. He/she usually trains the junior officials or new employees. Field training requires solid knowledge and experience of the company’s objectives as well as their products and services. Field training CVs can be utilized in different organizations when applying for police jobs, fire department jobs, construction jobs, etc.

Sample Field Training CV Template

Timothy Grant

675 Owen Drive


United Kingdom

Mobile No: +44 (0) 15 45 43 5

Telephone Number: +44 (0) 65 43 65 7

Career Objective: To be a good example in honesty, discipline and integrity to the officers that I am accountable to train in the field so as to improve their work and skills in the organization.

Professional Experience:

2004- 2005:  Trained new employees at ABC Company who were required to understand the company’s objectives and products.

Training objectives:

  • Understand the objectives of the company including their goals and expectations for the financial year.
  • Create consistent and effective methods through which the trainees will understand and learn about the company.
  • Report to the senior managers on the progress made and the employees’ standards.


2000- 2003: Bachelor of Science – Glasgow University, Glasgow, United Kingdom


2003 – 2004: Worked on the improvement of a number of products for the ABC Company that needed innovation and these products received a super brand qualification awarded by the Marketing and Branding Society. I also received a certificate for the same.


  • Travelling
  • Painting


Available upon request

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