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A personal trainer is a person who is charged with helping a developing sportsman to polish his act. He/she is able to do this through the help of frequent rigorous training sessions that are geared to make the client more competent and fit to play well. The person must be of good character and should also be disciplined so as to instill the same discipline in the client. This will also be helpful for you when writing CVs for job positions as a training coordinator, training manager, training assistant, training consultant, training specialist, training director, etc. Below is a sample CV for a trainer.

Sample Personal Training CV Format

Bjorn Johann

4th Beethoven Street

Chesapeake Bay


Mobile No: +1 32 33 23

Telephone No: +1 33 62 81

Career Objective

A motivated personal trainer who derives gratification and lives for the sporting prowess of his clients, nurturing their talent, turning extraordinary sports personalities into legendary performers. A hardworking individual who believes that practice makes perfect and diligence begets evolution.

Professional Experience

2006 – 2009: Sports trainer for Miles Davis, current 42KM World Marathon record holder


  • Developing training schedules for the client
  • Preparing tournament schedules, trips and travel documents of the client
  • Managing the diet of the client, as well as attire and equipment

2003 – 2005: Sports trainer, the Kings Athletics Association,   Malibu


  • Training young athletes
  • Motivating interested candidates
  • Creating awareness in schools about the potential to excel in sports

Educational Background

1999 – 2000: Degree in Physical Education, Megan University

1996 – 1998: Diploma in Management Studies, Florida College


Available on request

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