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Sales training is ideal for sales representatives and managers. It involves training of the sales team so as to acquire better skills in motivating the consumer to consider their goods and services, be better at asking and answering questions and achieve more sales and at higher profits.

A sales training CV is usually ideal for large to small companies and businesses that would like to improve the skills of their sales team or hire new sales representatives. With this CV one can also apply for jobs to work as a sales trainer, human resource trainer, sales management trainer, etc. Below is a sample sales training CV.

Sample Sales Training CV Format

Alexandria Moffat

560 Riverside Lane

80 Albany


Mobile No: +1 400 789 6

Telephone Number: +1 400 453 876

Career Objective: To be the best sales training executive through motivating and improving the skills of various sales representatives and their managers.

Professional Experience:

2004- 2007:  Team sales training in AB & C Company who needed to increase their sales team and promote the existing team.

Training objectives:

  • Conduct sales meetings in an enthusiastic manner.
  • Develop and create a unique sales curriculum.
  • Communicate with individual sales representatives and address their challenges at work.
  • Reduce current sales training expenditures.
  • Provide reps and managers immediate solutions.


1998- 2002: Bachelor of Business Administration- Georgia University. Albany, Georgia

2003-2006: Master of Business Administration – Buffalo University, Buffalo, New York


Attained the Marketing Society’s Award for Sales and marketing professional of the year 2007


  • Socializing
  • Playing hockey
  • Cooking


Mr. Jones David

AB&C Company

54 Allen Frut Avenue

Albany, Georgia

Tel: 1 500 675 098

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