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A sports trainer is a person who can coach anyone in a particular kind of sport or various sporting activities. The individual must have gone through physical education training, especially at higher education level and also be physically fit and experienced as an instructor.  A lot of discipline is necessary as practice involves adherence to a predefined training session. With this CV you can also apply for jobs as a fitness expert, personal coach, sports trainer, school fitness instructor, etc. An example of a sports training CV is shown below.

Sample Sports Training CV Format

Joseph Muller

24th Foray Street

Whistling Palms

Palm Beach, Florida

Mobile No: +1 23 34 33

Telephone No: +1 23 32 31

Career Objective

To train a champion in future to harness his skills and be the best that he/she can be. Create an opportunity where young sportsmanship is encouraged, nurturing them into responsible sportsmen and women. A fully trained physical educator and experienced coach, with the right skills and qualifications necessary for sports training in the present day.

Professional Experience

2004 – 2007: Sports trainer – Scotts College, Cleveland


  • Engaging students in physical activities
  • Managing the sports department
  • Supervising sports equipment and grounds

2001 – 2003: Swimming instructor – The Swansea Hotel, Detroit


  • Training clients how to swim
  • Managing the swimming pool and its equipment
  • Supervising the frequent water sports and functions that happen at the swimming pool

Educational Background

1996 – 1998: Diploma in Physical Studies (Physical Education) Oklahoma College, Oklahoma

1999 – 2000: Higher Diploma in Physical Studies (Physical Education) Oklahoma College, Oklahoma


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