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Teacher training involves developing and delivering courses that are of the highest standards for several programs to be used in various institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. Teacher training is necessary because of the rapid changes in the society and the need to develop and sustain a curriculum that will foster students and their mentors’ development.

Teacher training CVs are ideal for job positions in the teaching field such as kindergarten teachers, high school and college teachers , lecturers, etc.

Sample teacher training CV Format

Simon Davidson

890 Piccadilly Lane




Mobile No: +44 (0)14 23 56 1

Telephone Number: +44 (0) 40 43 87 6

Career Objective: To train as many teachers and counselors as possible using the best and advanced curriculum so as to improving their skills and therefore positively affect their students’ lives.

Professional Experience:

2005- 2007:  Trained teachers at London School of Economics so as to improve their skills and incorporate motivation and teacher-student relationship during teaching and counseling sessions.

2002 – 2004: Worked on a number of programmes that facilitated the change and improvement of primary school curriculum in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Training objectives:

  • Explore ways in which teachers and students can develop a rapport that would aid in teaching.
  • Develop and create a curriculum that is not only effective but also engages the mind of teacher and student.
  • Understand the challenges that teachers are facing in school.


1982- 1986: Bachelor of Education- Oxford University, London, England

1990-1992: Master of Education and Childhood Psychology – Nottingham University, Nottingham, United Kingdom

1995-1999: Doctorate of Education and Counseling Psychology – Oxford University, London, England


  • Socializing
  • Cooking


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