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Every individual keeps data that they feel is private. So do companies. When a company solicits the help of another company to store their private information, they want it to remain private. Data warehousing firms give that service. A data warehouse manager is allocated this duty. He accepts the information from different entities and stores it separately in an organized form in a data warehouse where retrieval is safe and secure. Below is a sample data warehousing CV to help you write a good data warehousing CV.

Sample Data Warehousing CV

Debonair Kevin

Freetown 635

Manchester, England

Mobile: +44 14 17 113

Career Objective

An experienced, computer savvy data warehouse expert with a wide experience in data security, access control and network systems. Compliant with the laws that govern safe keeping of private information. Honest, disciplined and fully comprehend the gravity of my duty.

Professional Experience

2003 – Present: Data Warehouse Manager, Bracket Information Services, Wolverhampton


  • In charge of security detail at the premises
  • Provision of access control limits to data bank
  • Secure and encrypted transportation of data
  • Backup, recovery and retrieval of client data
  • Integrity checks, analysis and upgrading of storage mechanisms

Educational Background:

1998 – 2002: Computer Science Degree – Sherwood University

1996 – 1997: Management of Information Technology Diploma – Rosslyn Institute of    Information Technology

1994 – 1995: Certificate in Data security, encryption and coding – Rosslyn Institute of    Information Technology

Hobbies and Interests

  • Computer games
  • Ice skating
  • Snowboarding
  • Reading
  • Playing the oboe
  • Traveling


Can be provided upon request



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