Freelance Travel Writer CV

A freelance travel writer is a person who performs freelancing writing with specialisation in the travel filed which may include national as well as international travels. The CV of freelance travel writer must showcase the skills and education of the concerned person along with the details of his previous work.

Sample Freelance Travel Writer CV

Sandra Hurley,

43, Barclay Road,

Croydon, CR 95-12JN

Mobile: +00 12345 67890

Telephone: 012 3456 7890

Fax: 012 3456 7890

Email Address:

Objective: To share my travel experiences more and carve out a niche for myself as a successful freelance travel writer and travel host

Educational Qualification:

  • 1997 – I completed my schooling from Warner & Bourne High School.
  • 1997 – 2000 – I studied English with specialization in Journalism from Croydon University and received my Bachelor degree in Arts.
  • 2000 – 2002 – I studied Journalism with specialization in Travel and Tourism Journalism and received my Masters degree in Arts from Croydon University.

Membership: I am a member of

  • International Association of Travel Writers
  • British Guild of Travel Writers

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • Publications in the magazine ‘Travelogues of the British’
  1. Churches of Britain and Ireland
  2. Life at Manchester
  3. The Coastal Delight of Northumberland
  4. Charm of Cornwall
  5. Cotswolds – a perfect getaway to the hills
  • Publication of articles about India
  1. The Hidden Hoysala for Discover India magazine
  2. Monasteries of the Seven Sisters for Shizin
  3. Birding in Wayanad for Terrascape

Special Skills:

  • Great communication skill and interpersonal skill that facilitates interaction with the local people of any place
  • A knack for learning new languages
  • Profound knowledge of photography and the ability to take good photographs


  • Received the award ‘Fresh Face in the travel world’ in the year 2004.
  • Won the award ‘Critics’ Appreciation award’ of the year 2009.

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