Inventory Management CV

Managing an inventory does not require much help nowadays; the advent of computers has managed to make it easier to monitor the flow of goods from a store to the sales area. But human error always has a way of botching things up. The inventory manager’s work is to ensure that what gets into the computerized inventory system is actually what is reflected of inventory. He is charged with securing these items while they are under his care and recording any anomalies.

Sample Inventory Management CV

Francis Copper

Slam Base 303

Everton, England

Mobile: +44 45 47 893

Career Objective

A highly trained, computer literate data manager with specific inters in inventory management, especially export goods on transit. Capable of working for long hours and in stressful and harsh environments. A well laced background in security handling and safety precautions. Interested in working for any company dealing with all kinds of transportation and warehousing services.

Professional Experience

2003 – Present: Inventory Manager, Westerlies Freight Corporation, Wolverhampton


  • In charge of security detail at the premises
  • Issuing of tow trucks and fork lifts
  • Inventory management
  • Goods tracking
  • Creating new duty rosters for handlers
  • Arrangement of maintenance charts for all vehicles
  • Liaising with port clearance authorities on consignment mobility.

Educational Background:

1998 – 2002: Finance Management Degree, Bedford University

1996 – 1997: Civil Engineering Diploma, Claymore Engineering Institute

Hobbies and Interests

  • Badminton
  • Ice hockey
  • Basketball
  • Reading
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Traveling


Can be provided upon request


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