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When it comes to transporting of goods, time is always of the essence. Whenever a consignment of goods destined for a location is expected in due time, it should arrive on or before time. To do this, it requires a person who understands the road network and manages to figure out the quickest, safest and easiest way to get the consignment to its destination. This person needs to be honest, sober and sharp thinking.

Sample Logistics CV

James Smith

Perth August FG

Yorkshire, England


Mobile: +44 34 56 788

Career Objective

A smart, diligent driver who is street savvy and well experienced in motoring. A dedicated employee who follows orders and believes that honesty is the best policy. Disciplined person and attentive to detail, ready to work for long hours.

Professional Experience

2005 – Present: Driver, Packaging and Packaging Ltd


  • Checking vehicle daily for wear and tear
  • Supervising cleaning and oiling of vehicle
  • Delivery of urgent cargo and securing transportation to employees
  • Reporting to the Manager on any issues
  • Logging deliveries into the Management System after work hours
  • Handled the radio communication devices to stay in touch with drivers
  • Monitoring the location monitor that worked with GSM

2000 – 2004: Driver, Manuel Pizza Delivery


  • Delivery of pizzas and meals to clients
  • Collecting supplies from merchants
  • Checking the vehicle daily for wear and tear
  • Supervising cleaning and oiling of the vehicle

Educational Background:

1998 – 2002: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Mali Technical

1996 – 1998: Certificate in Information Technology, CIT Institute

Hobbies and Interests

  • Skating
  • Traveling
  • Swimming


Can be provided upon request

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