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A train driver is an individual who handles very many people on a daily basis. Subway trains in New York City carry the bulk of the population to and from work every day and night. The trains are supposed to be on time and are able to run for many hours without stalling or breaking down. The driver is supposed to ensure that they stay in good condition, keep time for the clients to be where they need to be on time and also allow as many of the trains to use the same tracks.

Sample Train Driver CV

Ben Garner

Beverly Street 59

Manhattan, New York

Mobile: +44 12 65 443

Career Objective

An experienced subway train driver who knows the subway front to back. A diligent and illustrious worker who understands the mechanics that goes into keeping subway trains running as well as compliant with all safety rules and regulations that are required for handling subway trains.

Professional Experience

2000 – Present: Metro Subway Train Services, New York

1994 – 1999: City Way Subway Trains Limited, Pelham

1990 –1993: Truck Driver, New Day Air Transport Services New York


  • Daily check up of truck for wear and tear
  • Checking trailers for tampering before journey
  • Supervising cleaning and oiling of truck
  • Moving of shipment to different areas of the country
  • Reporting to Transport Manager on any issues on deliveries
  • Handling the radio communication devices to stay in touch with the head office
  • Monitoring fuel consumption of trucks using integrated fuel systems

Educational Background:

1987 – 1989: Diploma in Mechanical Technology, Freud Institute

1996 – 1998: Mechanical Engineering Certificate, Freud Institute

Hobbies and Interests

  • Baking
  • Playing chess
  • Outdoor games


Can be provided upon request

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