Truck Driver CV

The work of a truck driver is a tough one. You have to get used to driving for long distances and making as few stops as possible. Luckily, most trucks are fitted with the best in comfort add-ons like those on luxury cars.  It is imperative that a truck driver understands the value of his consignment and also the fact that time is always of the essence. He has to know the routes and destinations well. He has to be meticulous when handling fragile cargo too.

Sample Truck Driver CV

Sam Delaney

Bolton SF


Mobile: +44 67 76 433

Career Objective

A disciplined driver who is honest and experienced enough to handle most types of haulage trucks. Experience in spot checking and problem spotting of truck issues, as well as noting their solutions for engineers to confirm. Ample engineering experience and a great love for trucks.

Professional Experience

2005 – Present: Truck Driver, Gramps Haulers and Transport Services


  • Daily inspection of trucks for wear and tear
  • Checking containers for tampering before journey
  • Supervising cleaning and oiling of truck
  • Moving of consignments to different areas of the country
  • Reporting to the Fleet Manager on any issues on the road
  • Handling the radio communication devices to stay in touch with the transport head
  • Monitoring fuel consumption of trucks via fuel system

2003 –2004: Taxi Driver, Intercity Cabs (Formerly Metropolitan Cab Services Limited)

Educational Background:

1998 – 2002: Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Samantha Institute

1996 – 1998: Mechanical Engineering Diploma, Samantha Institute

Hobbies and Interests

  • Singing
  • Playing piano
  • Board games


Can be provided upon request

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